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This was the most recent photo of myself that I could find on my Mac's Hard Disk. However, I'm a bit different now. I don't have a Scanner but I'll try to update this as fast as I can.

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My name is João Pavão. I'm 18 years old and I live near Lisbon, Portugal. I've just finished high school and I'm waiting to see if I was accepted at IST (Instituto Superior Técnico, in Lisbon) to take a course in Computer Science.

The first computer that I learned to use was a ZX Spectrum. I spent lots of time playing with that cool machine.
Then my dad bought an IBM PC (I think it was a 8086). That computer was amazing compared to the ZX Spectrum! The games were very fast, word processors were fast, everything was just amazingly fast!!!
Some years later my dad took me with him to a school of music where he was working then. He wanted to be left quiet so he could do his job. So he turned on one of the computers they had there and left me sitting in front of that strange machine. I had never seen anything like that! "Where the hell is the blinking cursor??? How do I tell it what to do???", I asked him. "Just drag this thing on the desk and the computer will do the rest.". And you know what? When my dad came to pick me up to go home I was already printing cool signs with my name and some drawings I had made. It was love at first sight! And just to think that I spent about 1 month to learn how to load a game on the PC!!!
As you probably already know, the "strange machine" that I'm talking about is a Macintosh! We bought a Macintosh Performa 6200 about 2 years ago and the more I use it, the more I like it.

I used to program in the BASIC language when I used the ZX Spectrum. Then, on the PC I tryed Pascal but it seemed very confusing at that time so I continued using BASIC with an interpreter that came with MS-DOS. It was very limited but it was far more easy than Pascal! Then I bought the Mac and I tryed to find a BASIC interpreter for the Mac. After a year, I decided that BASIC was not enough and I took the first step to enter in the world of the compiled languages: I started learning C. MegaMind and BlankScreen were both made in C. When I started getting confortable with C I took another step further and started learning C++. I'm making an application for assisting in the teaching of Music in C++ and it's all going very well.




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